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Asbestos Surveys


Asbestos Surveys


Asbestos is a mineral fiber found naturally in certain unique rock formations throughout the world. It is strong, flexible and effectively protects or insulates from the damage caused by extremes in temperature, especially from fire or heat.

By federal (EPA) and state laws, asbestos must eventually be removed from buildings and appropriately reinterred in the ground under controlled conditions or structurally altered into glass ingots. Removal must be expertly designed and cautiously executed. By its nature, removal causes both friable (easily crushed and dispersed) and cementitious asbestos to degrade to a condition where, for a moment in time, it can become easily airborne; potentially hazardous material is transformed into something which is absolutely hazardous. Well planned removal, using sound engineering controls, can represent the best pattern of response, but removal must be selectively prioritized, cautiously undertaken, and rigorously monitored.

Asbestos Management Services:

ECI can assist property management companies, developers, commercial and industrial building owners, and investors in assessing the presence of asbestos containing materials, providing solutions for the management and/or removal of those materials. Our asbestos consulting services include:

  • Regulatory review and compliance studies.
  • Commercial/Industrial building/facility surveys.
  • Condition assessments.
  • Bulk sample collection (Asbestos Surveys)
  • Preparation of Operation and Maintenance (O&M) Programs
  • Project design and preparation of abatement specifications.
  • Corrective action procedures and programs.
  • Abatement design and bid evaluation.
  • Abatement monitoring and administration.
  • Hazard awareness training and consulting services.


Asbestos Laboratory Services:

ECI has in-house facilities to conduct analysis of air samples for asbestos content using Phase Contrast Microscopy (PCM). These evaluations are conducted in full compliance with current regulations and guidelines (Texas Department of Health Services and the AIHA Proficiency Analytical Testing (PAT) Program).